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When you are using the service of Chengdu Veniibot Co., Ltd. (Veniibot™ for short), the company may collect and use your relevant information. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to show you how to collect, use, store, share and protect this information when using the services of Veniibot. If you use or continue to use the services of Veniibot company, you are deemed to have agreed to collect, use, store, share and protect your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and make your choice as you think fit.
This Privacy Policy is an important part of The User Service Agreement of Veniibot Company, which is applicable to relevant services of Veniibot Company. The content not mentioned or expressed in this Privacy Policy shall be subject to The User Service Agreement of Veniibot Company. This Privacy Policy explains the collection and use of user information, which is closely related to the software and services you use. Therefore, please read this Privacy Policy carefully.
The following will list all user information that may be involved in the collection of the software or service by the Veniibot company, but it does not mean that the Veniibot company will necessarily collect information based on all the content of the following applicable scope, if and only if you use specific functions, during the service, the corresponding user information collection will be triggered in accordance with the following usage methods and scope. When you do not need to use specific functions or services, the Veniibot company will not collect information. The Veniibot company may collect the following information:
1.Personal information Data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact someone, such as name, e-mail address, contact address, etc. In accordance with the principle of "real name in the background and voluntary in the foreground" stipulated by national laws and regulations, Veniibot company will conduct authentication of real identity information based on phone number and other ways to obtain your phone number and other information. Veniibot company is only for realizing and helping Veniibot company to develop, deliver and improve software or services, so that users can enjoy better services; managing your participation in feedback, online surveys and other activities to use the collected personal information.
2.Non-personal information: Non-personal information is data that will not be directly associated with any specific individual. When you use Veniibot’s software or services, the system may automatically collect technical information through cookies or other means, including but not limited to the equipment or software information you use, URL, IP address, browser type, language, date and time of visit etc.The non-personal information collected is only used to realize that the Veniibot company can better understand users' behavior, help users solve the service problems of the Veniibot company, improve the Veniibot company and its services, and know which parts of the Veniibot company's services are of most interest to users. When you turn on the device positioning function and use the related services provided by Veniibot company based on location, the information that Veniibot company will collect about your location, including but not limited to your geographic location collected through GPS or WiFi location information, real-time information including your geographic location provided by you or other users. You can choose to stop the collection of your geographic location information by Veniibot company by turning off the positioning function.
3.Sensitive information:Some personal information may be considered sensitive personal information due to its particularity, such as your ID number, bank account number, race, religion, personal health, medical information, etc. Compared with other personal information, sensitive personal information is more strictly protected. The content and information (such as information about your photos, etc.) that you provide, upload or publish when you use the services of Veniibot company may reveal your sensitive personal information.You need to carefully consider whether to disclose relevant sensitive personal information when using the software and services of Veniibot company.
In order to provide more personalized user experience and services, the Veniibot company or its partners may collect and use your information through cookies, store this information as log information, and use it for the following purposes:
1.Remember your identity. For example, cookies help Veniibot company to recognize your identity as a registered user of Veniibot company, or to save your preferences or other information about your preferences that you provide to Veniibot company;
2.Analyze your use of the products or services of Veniibot company;
3.Advertising optimization. For example, cookies help Veniibot company to provide you with relevant advertisements based on your information instead of general advertising.
While using cookies for the above purposes, the Veniibot company may provide non-personally identifiable information collected through cookies to its partners after statistical processing for analyzing how users use the Veniibot's products or services and for advertising services. Veniibot's services may have cookies placed by advertisers or other partners. These cookies may collect non-personally identifiable information about you for the purpose of analyzing how users use such services, sending you ads that may be of interest to you, or evaluating the effectiveness of advertising services. The collection and use of such information by such third party cookies is not subject to this Privacy Policy, but is subject to the Privacy Policy of the relevant user, and Veniibot is not liable for such third party cookies. The Veniibot company will retain your personal information only for such period as is necessary for the purposes stated above and for such period as required by laws and regulations.
In order to allow you to have a better experience, improve the services of Veniibot company or other purposes you agree to, and subject to relevant laws and regulations, the Veniibot company may use information collected through a certain service for other services provided by Veniibot company in a way of gathering information or in a personalized way. The Veniibot company may use the information collected in the course of providing services to you for the following purposes:
1.Provide services to you;
2.When the Veniibot company provides services, it is used for identity verification, customer service, security prevention, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup purposes, to ensure the security of the services provided by the Veniibot company;
3.Help the company design new services, improve the company's existing services, enhance user experience, and provide better services to users;
4.Enable Veniibot company to have a better understanding of how you access and use the Veniibot's services, so as to respond to your personalized needs, such as language setting, location setting, personalized help services and instructions, or to respond to you and other users in other aspects;
5.To provide you with advertisements that are more relevant to you to replace commonly placed advertisements;
6.Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of advertising and other promotions and promotional activities in the Veniibot company's services;
7.Software certification or management software upgrade;
8.Allow you to participate in the investigation of the products and services of the Veniibot company;
9.To prevent, detect and investigate acts of fraud, endangering safety, illegal or violation of agreements, policies or rules with the Veniibot company.
Except in the following cases, Veniibot will not provide your user information to any third party without your consent:
1.Veniibot may provide your personal information and non-personal information to its partners. As the company is required to provide the services, Veniibot will obtain your consent in an explicit manner before providing your sensitive information. Veniibot will endeavor to ensure that such third parties comply with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures when using your user information.
2.To comply with applicable laws and regulations, judicial orders or other requirements of relevant government agencies.
3.In order to safeguard the public interests of the society, it is reasonably necessary to protect the personal and property safety of Veniibot and other users or the legitimate rights and interests of the family.
Veniibot will do its best to take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can understand, update and correct your registration information or other user information provided when using Veniibot's services.When understanding, updating, correcting and deleting the foregoing information, Veniibot may require you to verify your identity to protect your account security.
If you need to update, correct and delete the user information you submitted, you can do it by visiting the relevant software of Veniibot .In general, you can modify the information you submit at any time, but for security and identification considerations, you may not be able to modify some of the initial registration information and verification information provided during registration.
In order to facilitate you to log in or use the services of Veniibot, if you choose to accept cookies, Veniibot will automatically collect relevant log information through cookies technology when necessary;if you choose not to accept cookies, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, log in or use the services or functions that depend on cookies; If you delete a cookie record, the relevant log information that is automatically collected through cookies will be deleted.
In the process of using the services of Veniibot, Veniibot adopts professional encryption storage and transmission methods for user information, and uses various security technologies and procedures to establish a sound management system to protect user information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. At the same time, to ensure the security of your user information, Veniibot will inform Veniibot’s employees of its privacy and security guidelines and will strictly enforce privacy protection measures within the company.
When the following is not due to the fault of Veniibot, which causes the leakage of your information and the result of the damage caused thereby, Veniibot does not need to bear any responsibility:
1.Any personal data leakage, loss, embezzlement or tampering caused by force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network due to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown caused by government control, etc.
2.In the process of using the services of Veniibot, linking to other websites or accepting services from a third party causes the leakage of personal data and any legal disputes and consequences caused thereby.
3.If you take the initiative to disclose, upload, publish or provide your personal information to a third party during the use of the services (such as messages, comments, etc.) of Veniibot, other users may collect your personal information, and you shall be solely responsible for the consequences caused by the personal information submitted or shared.
Veniibot’s services may include or link to social media or other services provided by third parties. For example, you can use the "share" function to share certain content to these third-party social media services or other services, or you can use a third-party account to log in to the services of Veniibot. These functions may collect and share your Information (including log information obtained due to cookies). Your use of such third-party social media services or other services is subject to the third party’s own terms of service and privacy policy, and you need to read its terms carefully.
Veniibot attaches great importance to the protection of the personal information of minors, but Veniibot cannot guarantee that it will know your age accurately and truly at all times. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian before using the services of Veniibot, and use the services of Veniibot under the guidance of the parents or legal guardian.
As the scope of Veniibot's services expands, Veniibot may amend the terms of this Privacy Policy in due course, and such amendments form a part of this Privacy Policy. If such amendment causes a material change in your rights under this Privacy Policy, Veniibot will notify you by means of a prominent location notice or other means before the amendment takes effect. In order to prevent you from being informed of such amendment in a timely manner, you are requested to read this Privacy Policy frequently. In any event, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy as amended by continuing to use the services of Veniibot.
This Privacy Policy is effective on November 11, 2018.
Contact with Chengdu Veniibot Co., Ltd.
If you believe that Veniibot has used such private information in violation of the aforementioned scope, you can send a written letter (Address: No. 403-404, 4/F, Block B3, Tianfu Software Park, High-tech Area, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Postcode:610000) Or e-mail (email: to contact Veniibot, and Veniibot will verify and deal with it in time.
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